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Hatter – “Secret Lover” ft. Amera Jade

Talented artiste Hatter drops a new lovely song featuring Amera Jade, titled “Secret Lover”.
Distributed by Global leader Horus Music, ‘Secret Lover‘ is an infectious pop anthem that is set to top the charts and exceed expectations with its fresh new vibes! It’s an electric Urban Pop sound infused with special R&B and Rap elements, all finely wrapped together to present a modern Neo-Soul Retro vibe.

The song ‘Secret Lover’ is based on a true story about meeting a stranger and experiencing love at first sight and letting the relationship develop while one of them remains in a relationship with someone else.

The sonically charged soundtrack exemplifies Hatter’s ability to consistently evolve his charming sound and his knack for engaging story-telling through mesmerizing chart topping melodies that resonate with a global audience.

He has collaborated with Grammy and Platinum Award Winning Producer Freek Van Workum-Omni Beats to produce this Award Winning piece and is certain to become a world wide radio hit in the coming months.





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